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Community Resources

Ascendigo is committed to supporting our community through a variety of resources and programs aimed at fostering growth and creating opportunities for connections through partnerships, ease of access, stewardship, enrichment, and innovation. We are constantly seeking the most up-to-date, relevant information to share with clients, families, caregivers, first responders, teachers, therapists and other advocates. 

Explore local community resources and Ascendigo’s custom toolkits designed to empower and support individuals and families on their journey towards well-being. Our resources cover a wide range of topics, from identifying early signs of autism and seeking diagnosis to bilingual support groups, first responder toolkits, adaptive rental equipment, financial literacy, and job readiness.


Autism Early Signs/Seeking Diagnosis (English)

Autism Early Signs/Seeking Diagnosis (Spanish)

First Responder Toolkit (English)

First Responder Toolkit (Spanish)


Local Support Groups & Customized Trainings

Ascendigo can offer local support group sessions, trainings, or toolkits customized based on interests or needs

Grace at to inquire about opportunities.

Autism 101 Spanish Course (free)

To access the course, users must register in the Ascendigo Academy – it is free. We are only offering the Spanish version of ASD 101 course for free right now. Click here to register and start your free course.

Monthly Bilingual Support Group

Ascendigo partners with a bilingual support group for local Latino families in the autism community. Each month will offer a different subject and informative session based on family interests and needs. For questions, please contact Indhira at 970-712-3652 or Grace at

  • Typically the third Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30pm
  •  Each month will either be in person at the Glenwood Springs Library or virtual via zoom

Local Resources

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