About Us

Our mission is to elevate the spectrum by empowering people, inspiring lives and shattering expectations.

Leading autism advocate and parent Sallie Bernard believes that individuals on the spectrum like her son should have access to a full and rich life experience. Further, such experience should include the benefits of recreation in the outdoors, exposure to the natural environment and participation in sports much like neurotypical individuals enjoy. So, in 2004 Sallie founded what is now Ascendigo Autism Services (formerly Extreme Sports Camp), a 501 (c)3 nonprofit located in Colorado’s beautiful Roaring Fork Valley.

Meeting a Growing Need

As the prevalence of autism continues to grow (1 in 44 children according to the latest CDC estimates), so has the need for services. Since our start, Ascendigo has expanded to provide children and adults with holistic supports including recreational therapy, applied behavior analysis, speech and language, at-home and in-school services, life skills, employment coaching, and more. Today, Ascendigo serves over 225 individuals with autism annually and provides resources and service to families throughout the country. By focusing on person-centered care, we recognize the unique interests, strengths and challenges of each individual.

Our Goal

Ascendigo’s goal is to integrate people with autism into community life recreationally and socially, whether through adventure sports, development of life skills, compatible employment, and community engagement. With our proprietary Ascendigo Way curriculum, the organization educates service providers, caregivers, and community members about autism and autism supports.


Enjoy a rewarding position working with
individuals on the autism spectrum

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