Adventures Summer Camp Job Opportunities

Ascendigo’s Summer Camp offers you an opportunity to live, work, and play in one of the most beautiful locations in the world – The Roaring Fork Valley surrounding Aspen, Colorado. You will spend each day rafting, climbing, horseback riding, and wake boarding; while making connections and memories that will last a lifetime. This experience will challenge you in every way. However, the intrinsic rewards you will find cannot be duplicated in the classroom or office.

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and discover your true potential? If you are interested in joining our Summer Camp team, please apply here.


“I love Ascendigo’s acceptance, compassion, and idea of living the best life possible.”


“Ascendigo’s mission is inspiring and the opportunities provided are innovative and exciting.”


“I love the energy and being helpful to those who really need it.”

Adventures Summer Camp Jobs Summaries

Summer Camp Intern

Young girl on horse

Interns are a huge part of the success for our Adventures Camp. Working hand in hand with our experienced staff; interns can fulfill college credit hours while receiving a bi-weekly stipend, plus room & board! You’ll be hands on, working one on one with campers while checking in throughout the summer with our Therapy Rec Specialist and Management team. Interns are given the opportunity to lead group activities throughout the course of the summer. Interns are still working on their college degrees and have less than 1 calendar year of professional experience.

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Summer Camp Coaches

Kids kayaking down riverCoaches are the front line of our Adventures Camp. They work one on one with individuals providing fun, safe, and inclusive opportunities. Using our Summer Coach toolkits, Coaches create goals for their camper and work hard to find creative and out of the box ways of reaching those goals. Coaches must be 18 years of age, be CPR/First Aid certified (or can obtain before camp), have a sense of humor and a “can do” attitude. Coaches have finished their college degree, have one year of professional experience or have more than 3 years of full-time professional experience.

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Summer Camp Leads

Eric on High Ropes Course

Leads create the core field work supervising group of Adventures Camp. They must have experience working in the field (particularly with autism) and having leadership experience is a plus. Leads supervise a group of coaches each week, helping to shape the culture of camp, providing direction, and making important “in the moment” decisions. Leads must be 18 years of age, be CPR/First Aid certified (or can obtain before camp), provide a strong team work attitude, and “can do” attitude.

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Summer Camp Sports Specialist

Ascendigo rafting adventure in summer

Sports Specialists are hired in our four core sports: Lake, River, Alpine, and Ranch. They provide guidance and skill building to campers while working with coaches on camper goals and expectations in a particular sport. Positions in this category require prior skills, knowledge and training. For more information, please reach out to our office as positions are a case by case basis.

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Summer Camp Nurses and Nurse Aides

Young adult at lakeOur Nurses and Nurse Aides keep Adventures Camp running. They work with many campers that need medications day and night. Nurses and Nurse Aides work closely with all Summer Camp staff, campers, and parents: therefore, strong communication skills are required. Nurses must have their RN license in the state of Colorado, be CPR/First Aid certified, and have a flexible schedule. Nurse Aides must be Med Admin certified, be CPR/First Aid certified, work well in a team setting, and help as needed to the Nurse on staff.

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Why Should You Join Our Team?…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ascendigo Summer Adventures Camp?
  • Ascendigo Summer Adventures Camp is an exciting and rewarding place to be. Here are just a few of the great reasons that it should be your first pick
    • Experience: We provide an amazing outdoor recreation experience to individuals across the autism spectrum to promote a healthier & more fulfilling life. The skills you walk away with from camp will follow you for the rest of your life personally and professionally.
    • The Great Outdoors: We offer our summer campers four sports to participate in. This means, you too will participate in four unique sports throughout the summer. Our main focuses are Lake sports (wakeboarding and tubing), River sports (white water rafting), Alpine sports (indoor and outdoor rock-climbing), and Ranch sports (horseback riding). Have you only done one of these, or maybe none? Not to fear! Though we love having employees with some experience in these sports, we also provide hands-on training and you’ll walk away at the end of the summer with skills in all four disciplines.
    • Friends: Over the course of summer you’ll meet people from all over the country. Friendships from summer camp have the potential of lasting a lifetime. Our all staff camping trip is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and get to learn about others. We assist in this process with some super fun team-building exercises. Yes, your participation is highly encouraged!
    • Location: Our camp is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado. The Roaring Fork Valley offers stellar outdoor activities and some iconic locations.
    • Make a Difference: Employees at Ascendigo experience a life-changing opportunity not only for themselves but to provide them for every individual that comes to camp. With your help, we collect important data that is changing the world of autism. You’ll be working one on one with individuals so every day will have goals that you will help create and achieve with your camper.
    • Autism: Autism spectrum disorders are extremely varied, and each individual with autism is incredibly unique. Throughout the summer you will work in a 1 to 1 ratio with a new camper every week. The communication and facilitation skills you gain doing so (as well as observing other talented coaches) are invaluable. You will walk away from camp feeling empowered to help, teach and work with anybody.
What is the Application Process?
  • To be considered for a summer position, every applicant must complete an online application for the position(s) they are interested in (Link here) and conduct an interview. Online applications that are completed will be sent to our team for review. Please have 3 letters of reference prepared and submitted.
  • After review of your application, our team will set up a phone or in-person interview with you. Please have some times and dates in mind to help expedite the process.
What does an Interview look like?
  • Each year the Adventures team conducts phone interviews and in-person interviews (if available). Interviews by phone can seem daunting but our main goal is to get a feel for who you are and your interest in our summer camp. Be prepared for your scheduled interview time and don’t forget to come with questions!
  • There are a handful of certifications and trainings that must be completed and submitted before your arrival. These will be further explained and provided upon an employment offer.
How long is Summer Camp Employment?
  • All summer staff is hired for a 9-week period (if applying for a more managerial role, expect a 10-week commitment). All staff will be required to attend our staff training week and staff camping trip. Please plan to arrive at the start of training and stay through the last day of camp. If there are reasons that you cannot commit to this period, please discuss this during your interview. There are circumstances where exceptions can be made.
  • An additional week will be available for select staff. Please reach out with your interest.
What is Training Week like?
  • The training week will emphasize elements of Experiential Education & Outdoor Leadership, Therapeutic Recreation, Naturalistic Behavior Intervention, Communication, Adaptive Sports Instruction, participation in all sports & so much more! After training, all staff participates in a camping trip that emphasizes getting to know one another and creating a tight-knit team that creates beautiful moments together throughout the summer.
What does Summer Camp pay?
  • All summer employment and internships are paid positions plus room & board is provided. Compensation is based on your education, your fieldwork experience, and certifications that you currently hold. Our staff works on a two-shift schedule and the expectation to work at least 2-weekend shifts.
Will I need a vehicle?
  • Staff are responsible for their own transportation to our camp upon arrival. Throughout the summer weeks, staff carpool together to get necessities (it’s about a 15-minute drive to town). We will also provide a shuttle into town twice a week for both morning and evening shift staff. If you are flying, plan on arriving at one of the following:
    • Denver International Airport *3 ½ hour drive to our location
    • Aspen Airport *45min-1hr drive to our location
    • Grand Junction Airport *1 ½ hour drive to our location
  • If driving, you will need to provide your vehicle information for our parking records
What should I pack?
  • We have two packing lists for summer camp employees, one for the duration of their 8 weeks stay and one for the all staff camping trip. Please click on the links below to view:
Do I need to be an expert in autism and sports instruction?
  • No! While these qualities would be beneficial to have, we are confident that our training, fantastic returning staff, small ratios (1:1) and supervision provide you the ample support you need while getting up to speed at summer camp.
Is there something we didn’t cover here?
  • Give the Adventures Team a call at our main office at 970-927-3143 or email Ilse Bustamante at and we would be happy to provide further information.


Enjoy a rewarding position working with
individuals on the autism spectrum

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