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Life Enrichment

Is comprised of 4 sub-programs. Each can be utilized independently or combined into one comprehensive program.

Ascendigo deploys specialists and natural supports in the areas of employment, recreation, health and wellness, social/relationships, learning, creative outlets, community navigation and functional daily living skills. We partner with local organizations and businesses for support and opportunities. Additionally, Ascendigo sits down with each client and family to pull together a multidisciplinary team based on preference, strength, personal goals, observation, assessment and family.

Adult Comprehensive Experience

Adult Comprehensive Experience (ACE)

ACE is a year-round system of day supports for adults with autism or related conditions. Programming areas include life planning, community building and access, behavioral therapy, and employment services.

Employment Services

We help individuals with disabilities obtain competitive and integrated employment through a comprehensive program. Through this program, we offer supported employment services to individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Winter Adventures

Our Winter Program offers a variety of options such as ski and snowboard lessons, buddy support in group lessons and for proficient skiers, ski/board camps, and peer-integration.

adult summer

Summer Adventures

Ascendigo offers rewarding summer camps with positive, autism-friendly supports so your child can succeed & have fun. Horseback riding, wakeboarding, rafting, climbing, & more!

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