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Building Momentum

A Place for Us – An inclusive center to elevate neurodiversity.

Our Impact

Become a champion for a true neuro-inclusive community center in the Roaring Fork Valley

Ascendigo Autism Services has been serving the autism and neurodiverse community since 2004, and in those two decades the organization has become a leader in autism services in the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond. Our flagship Summer Adventures Camp has served more than 1000 campers over 20 years, pushing individuals beyond their preconceived limitations and encouraging a full range of life experiences beyond the classroom or therapy setting.


Campers have built skills, friendships, and confidence as they shatter expectations. Ascendigo’s expansive programs also include clinical services in behavioral therapy, a full range of sports and therapeutic recreation activities, vocational training and job placement

for adults with autism, school consultation, and effective partnerships with other community organizations.

At the core of our success lies
The Ascendigo Way, a person-centered and relationship-based approach to service delivery that allows us to bring out the best in our clients and our staff. While Ascendigo has realized successful outcomes for thousands of individuals throughout our history, we have operated without a permanent home. Now, we have the opportunity to deepen our roots in an ideal location in the Roaring Fork Valley, allowing us to better serve our community and grow our impact. 


With your help, we will create a permanent place for us.

The Vision

Strategic Plan for 2024-2026

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