Our Team



  • Mathew McCabe Director of Adventures & Curriculum Development
  • Conlan McGough
    Conlan McGough Assistant Director of Adventures
  • Sydney Horwitz
    Sydney Horwitz Ranch Manager
  • Chrissy Morrison
    Chrissy Morrison Alpine Manager
  • Logan Fletcher
    Logan Fletcher Adventures Coordinator

Life Enrichment

  • Justin Garrard
    Justin Garrard Life Enrichment Program Manager
  • Sarah Stamper
    Sarah Stamper Assistant Director of Life Enrichment
  • Julia Derdas
    Julia Derdas Assistant Director of Case Management
  • Jeo Mendez
    Jeo Mendez Vocational Manager
  • Jake Doorn
    Jake Doorn Case Manager
  • Devi Sprague
    Devi Sprague Skills Trainer
  • Mason Strawser
    Mason Strawser Skills Trainer

Clinical Services & Outreach


  • Suzy Holthaus
    Suzy Holthaus Residential Supervisor
  • Heather Reid
    Heather Reid Residential Supervisor
  • Ryan Boudreau
    Ryan Boudreau Residential Supervisor
  • Thomas Thomas
    Thomas Thomas Home Services Professional


Enjoy a rewarding position working with
individuals on the autism spectrum

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