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For nearly two decades, Ascendigo has been dedicated to redefining the possibilities for individuals with autism. We’ve consistently shattered expectations and championed a vision of a world where every person, regardless of their unique abilities, can thrive.


From impactful partnerships to meaningful sponsorships, there are countless ways you can join us in fostering equity and inclusivity for individuals with autism. Your support isn’t just a donation; it’s a commitment to building a more compassionate and understanding society.


Discover how you can be a catalyst for change and help Ascendigo continue to create opportunities that transform lives.


Ready to turn your free time into a force for good?

Ascendigo is seeking volunteers for 1 to 8-hour shifts, bringing joy to diverse activities like movie nights and ski adventures. Click HERE to view Ascendigo’s volunteer opportunities. 

Interested? Contact Grace at

Community Partnerships

Imagine a stronger, more connected community where collaboration is key.


Community Partners can participate by being part of our community events, outreach collaborations, community groups, and more!

Interested? Contact Grace at

Sponsorships & Auction

Empower your business and amplify generosity by becoming a sponsor through financial contributions or in-kind support. Join us in advancing our impactful mission and enjoy exclusive benefits, including media coverage, participation in our gala, and more. 

Want to participate? Contact Grace at gsinclair@ascendigo.org 


Ascendigo believes that our local community is the launchpad towards a more inclusive future. Discover the vibrant energy of our local community, teeming with talented and dynamic individuals!

Be a part of shaping the future of Ascendigo by joining our committees.  


Interested? Contact Victoria at vmacfarlane@ascendigo.org 

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