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Adult Comprehensive Experience

Adult Comprehensive Experience

ACE is a year-round program which supports adults with autism who want to live in the community and participate in an array of community activities of their choosing. Through Ascendigo’s extensive connections with local businesses and other community members, clients can take full advantage of the opportunities within the Roaring Fork Valley.

ACE therapists and specialists provide the structure and supports clients need to create a vibrant life of increasing independence, employment, wellness and social engagement. We emphasize the importance of client self-determination and achievement goals regarding employment, fitness and recreation, passions and talents, independent living and function skills, as well as social connectedness and wellness.

1. Comprehensive Life Planning

Working with the client and their parent/guardians we establish goals, objectives, and teaching strategies. We identify community opportunities and providers for each client in each major life experience domain.

2. Community Building and Access

Community building is a top priority at Ascendigo. We collaborate continuously with businesses, organizations and community members to generate meaningful employment, social recreational experiences, leisure and cultural engagements, and real-world experience. By providing supportive services throughout the day, we enable community access for our clients.

We train clients to acquire meaningful skills such as riding the bus, navigating streets so they may walk to work, making a purchase at the grocery store, or communicating with their instructors and friends.

3. Behavioral Therapy

ACE behavioral therapy services utilize evidence-based methods called Naturalistic Developmental Behavior Interventions. This model focuses on rigorous skill building within community settings using intrinsic motivators and principles of applied behavior analysis. Our behavioral supports address co-occurring conditions like sensory and motor differences, inattention, negative thinking, and anxiety which may create barriers for the client.

4. Employment Services

ACE employment services include (a) job development, including what adaptations are needed for the individual to succeed in the job, (b) job coaching, for on-site support at job sites and for career development, and (c) employer relations to identify employers, train employees, and maintain ongoing communications and problem-solving. Read about our employment services.

Learn About the ACE Programming Model and our service philosophy here.

For a comprehensive program description and additional information, please contact our Life Enrichment and Outreach Program Director, Kelly Hoffman at khoffman@ascendigo.org or 970-927-3143.

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