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My COVID Story – Soozie L.

Adjusting to COVID-19 at Work

By Soozie Lindbloom

Is your department still open for business during COVID-19?

As this is a pretty HR-Heavy topic, I have more work than ever (sorry to all of you whose emails I still haven’t gotten back to -I’m working on it!)

How has the COVID-19 spread affected your department?

Well, in addition to all of the normal HR administrative duties, I am finding that I have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks dedicated to studying up on new COVID-19 related employee rights laws, creating new systems to track data around sick leave, collaborating with amazingly dedicated staffers on COVID-19 prevention, policies, procedures, and implementation, and creating strategies to keep our direct care staff safe in the event of an outbreak. On the human side of Human Resources, I have been spending a lot of time communicating these updates in Zoom meetings, connecting with staff over the phone, answering questions, and trying to be a good support for many on the Ascendigo team – especially for those who are feeling anxious during this challenging time.

Please list at least one positive thing you can take from this experience.

Soozie LindbloomThe knowledge that this experience will make us a stronger team. This situation will test our ability to effectively communicate, to have empathy, to seek understanding of others, and to build relationships. All of these are core to the success of any organization and even more crucial when we are separated physically. Since necessity is the mother of invention, we will be forced to adapt, grow, and thrive in these areas. It will be challenging, but we are already climbing this mountain in an impressive way.

Anything else you’d like to add or let our families know during this time?

I have been in this role and part of the Ascendigo family for 7 months now. I was instantly proud to be part of such an incredible organization. Now, seeing how our staff has collaborated to meet this challenge head-on, I am even more proud and honored to help guide and serve this amazing group of people.

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