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My COVID Story – Maddie S.

Adjusting to COVID-19 at Work

By Maddie Scott

Is your department still open for business during COVID-19?

Yes, but our in-person services are on suspension until further notice. We are however still offering telehealth sessions/services for parent training as well as webinars to provide helpful behavioral-based information and suggestions for families.

How has the COVID-19 spread affected your department?

The entire outreach department is now working remotely from home until further notice. This is a huge change from my typical day-to-day job responsibilities. I went from traveling and working one on one with multiple kids a day to now working all online out of my home.

What services are you offering currently?

My co-worker, Taylor Bass, and I put together a webinar presentation for families to gain ideas and tips for keeping their children engaged and working on skill development while staying isolated at home. Jess McAllister and Chris Margaritis, Outreach’s BCBAs are also offering parent coaching through telehealth.

What projects are you working on in the midst of all this?

Maddie Scott

I am working on creating and evaluating goals for our current clients, developing new programming for Outreach, and assisting with training materials such as webinars and resource documents for families.

Please list at least one positive thing you can take from this experience.

This experience has allowed me to slow down and take extra time to be present in each moment. It’s also forced me to become more creative and adaptive with my job responsibilities and teaching skills as a Lead Specialist.

Anything else you’d like to add or let our families know during this time?

I miss each and every family I work with dearly, and cannot wait to get back to playing!

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