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A Message from the Manning Family

Double Your Impact with a Matching Gift from the Manning Family & 20 years of Growth

Today we bring you exciting news that highlights the incredible generosity and commitment of the Manning Family, unfaltering supporters of Ascendigo for 20 years.

As many of you know, the Manning Family’s dedication to our mission runs deep. Not only have they been steadfast advocates, they have entrusted Ascendigo with the care and development of their daughter, who is an integral part of our program. Now they are stepping forward in an extraordinary way to amplify the impact of your support.

We are thrilled to announce that the Manning Family has graciously pledged to match every single donation made, dollar for dollar, up to $1,500! This means that your contribution will have double the impact, making a significant difference in the lives of those we serve.

Together, let’s seize this moment to make a lasting impact. Join us in taking full advantage of the Manning Family’s matching gift challenge and help us unlock the full potential of our fundraising efforts.

“Our daughter Olivia started attending Ascendigo when she was just a little girl. We would fly from Seattle to Aspen every summer and winter so she could attend the outdoor adventure camps.
Olivia is severely autistic, nonverbal, and just celebrated her 22nd birthday. Ascendigo has been one of the few consistencies in Olivia’s life. They can and will support her in a way no other organization can.
Not only is she enjoying the great outdoors, she is learning to navigate within the community. We moved to Colorado four years ago so Olivia could be part of the Ascendigo Life Enrichment adult program. The commitment and knowledge of the Ascendigo team has been vital to our entire family.
As our daughter continues to thrive at Ascendigo, we are beyond grateful for the opportunities opened up in our daughter’s world.”

Julie Manning- mother of Life Enrichment client


“Olivia has been coming to Ascendigo camp since she was a little girl. When she was at camp, she thrived and experienced activities that I could’ve never thought possible for her. The can-do never say never attitude of the Ascendigo team is truly something to behold. Years later, we decided to move to the valley so that Ascendigo could become a daily part of Olivia’s life. She spends four days a week in the Life Enrichment program working on skills, enjoying meaningful skill building activities and socializing with her friends. She even has a job at the Food bank! Without Ascendigo, she would have nothing. It is the absolute focal point of her life and allows her to grow as a person and do the difficult work of skill development that will help her for a lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about the Ascendigo staff and their kindness and focus on her development. They are not only dedicated professionals helping her grow, but also her only friends. I cannot emphasize how critical Ascendigo is for the Autism community in the roaring Fork valley. Without their services and supports I’m not sure how Autism families could remain in the valley.”

Robert Manning- father of Life Enrichment client

Ascendigo provides opportunities for growth and independence for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder of all ages and support needs. Since 2004 Ascendigo has steadily increased services and presence for local families over the years and has expanded to offer year-round recreational opportunities, including winter sports, a comprehensive life skills program for adults, and crucial early intervention/behavioral therapies for children. In addition, Ascendigo trains school personnel, local families and caregivers, community members, other autism service providers, law enforcement agencies, and recently launched Ascendigo Academy, an online curriculum. Ascendigo’s vision is to integrate people with autism into community life recreationally and socially through adventure sports, developmental life skills, compatible employment, and community engagement.

The testimonials provided by the Manning Family has been shared with explicit consent. Our commitment to providing unwavering services to our clients remains paramount, and testimonials have no bearing on service provision. Additionally, your support through fundraising efforts is instrumental in sustaining our mission. This testimonial will be disseminated alongside our fundraising endeavors to inform and inspire. We deeply appreciate your support.

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