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Paul Nussbaum

Paul Nussbaum

Diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an adult, Paul Nussbaum has committed his life to help people living with autism. He is also devoted to helping autism service providers learn more about autism and offers assistance as a consultant, trainer, and facilitator.

After a long, hard struggle with employment, academics, and communication and social issues, Paul was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome/high functioning autism at age 40. Paul says “the light bulb went on” — he learned about Asperger’s and autism and found there was a huge population just like him, with the same struggles.

Joining autism advocacy and support groups to address his own challenges, in 1993 he began engaging in advocacy work. His goal for helping others (including future generations) is to prevent others from having to go through the same intense struggles that he went through trying to find a life path and niche in the world. Paul’s purpose is to see that individuals on the ASD spectrum can live more productive and meaningful lives. His advocacy work has developed into consulting and presenting on various topics related to autism.

Paul has his own handyman business which he planned and developed in 1999.

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