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Larry Butler


As a successful entrepreneur, Larry Butler’s combination of financial and operating experience includes gas stations and convenience stores, real estate, marketing, and venture capital. He owns Convenience Acquisition Corp., an operator of five gas stations and convenience stores in northern California. Larry is also the Managing Member of Awestruck Marketing Group, LLC, a leading experiential marketing company he founded in 2000.

Larry is an investor in numerous commercial and residential real estate projects in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, New Hampshire, Texas, and Wisconsin. He is a board member and investor in SharesPost, LLC, a financial technology company which assists investors in buying and selling shares in private late-stage, venture-backed companies. Larry is also a Venture Partner in Navitas Capital, a venture capital firm which invests in early-stage companies at the intersection of the IT and energy sectors with a unique focus on intelligent building and enterprise.

Larry graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned his MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles. Larry and his family moved from Santa Monica, CA to Aspen in August 2016. His wife, Marla, attended public schools in Aspen from grades 6 through 10. Folbe, the oldest of Larry and Marla’s three children, is on the autism spectrum.

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