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Winter Parent Resources

Places to Stay in Snowmass, CO

The Viceroy Snowmass

  • Reservations
  • (970) 923-8000
  • 130 Wood Rd.
  • Snowmass Village, CO 81615

The Stonebridge Inn

  • Reservations
  • (970) 923-2420
  • 300 Carriage Way.
  • Snowmass Village, CO 81615.

Travel Tips and Resources: Preparing your child for Ascendigo

“Transitions are usually difficult for many on the spectrum,”  says autism mom Chantal Sicile-Kara, “and traveling is really a series of transitions.” Odds are that traveling to our camp will be stressful to your child, whether you’re traveling a few hours by car or an entire day by plane. We want your child to arrive to camp as soundly and happily as possible, the better to smoothly transition into our activities. In that spirit, here are some tips and links to resources that can help you and your child manage your journey here, one transition after another.

Let us know if you have any tips or resources of your own in the comments section!

Tips From Parents of Ascendigo Campers

  • Always request bulkhead seating (seats that have no seating in front of them, allowing for more leg room and personal space).
  • Let all crew know ahead of the flight that your child has autism and not to be alarmed by any sudden movements and/or noises.
  • Always ask for special assistance in the security line. They may let you cut to the front.
  • Use a visual story for the entire travel day, including “waiting,” as there is so much of it.
  • Ride the train back and forth in the Denver airport on layovers. Not much else to do there for kids.
  • Encourage crying if you think it will be helpful! It’s a natural cleansing process, with the bonus that it helps to pop ears on the airplane.
  • Put IDs on your child’s bags and person.
  • Carry a snapshot of your child to show to other travelers if he/she gets lost.
  • National parks now offer free parks passes to those with autism. Bring a recognized certification of your child’s autism to any park ticket office and your purchase will be compensated in full.
  • Check for early boarding if you can!
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