Ascending to Adulthood

Ascendigo’s Ascending to Adulthood (A2A) is a six-week summer transition program focusing on the development of skills needed to build a bridge from adolescence to adulthood for young adults living with autism or related disorders. A2A offers the rigorous skill building of a traditional transition program with an added layer of summertime fun and enrichment in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. The program balances job-related and independence skills with recreation, social connections, community involvement and pursuit of personal passions. A2A takes place in the small scale but stimulating community of Carbondale which affords a deeper learning of what it means to be an adult with autism.

Learning & Support Model
A2A utilizes a synthesis of several autism-specific evidence-based approached to enhance skills leading to greater competency and independence.

Additionally, we provide positive behavior support plans and positive coaching models. Each A2A participant has an Individualized Plan (A2A IP) specific to them which is person-centered and balances group activities for social bonding as well as individualized ones which leverage the participant’s interests and strengths.

Programmatic Content
The programmatic content of A2A extends across five domains:

Domain 1. Employment Readiness
This domain is designed to build skills related to employability and future placements. The focus at the assigned employment site is to improve the individual’s job skills and provide the tools to create independence at work

Domain 2. Fitness & Recreation
On average, physical activities comprise about one-third of the day program, or about 12 hours per week. Activities include but are not limited to rock climbing, gym routines, swimming, biking, hiking, rafting, wakeboarding and horseback riding.

Domain 3. Social Connectedness
This domain focuses on social proficiency. Social proficiency includes being comfortable in a variety of social settings and group interactions, working well in teams, creating and deepening a variety of social relationships, learning and practicing social rules, sharing experiences, having meaningful conversations, and engaging in popular culture in order to connect with peers.

Domain 4. Passions & Talents
Participants can choose from a variety of Carbondale-based activities to pursue their interests, talents, passions, hobbies and means of creative expression. Examples of enrichment pursuits include: art, music, creative writing, broadcasting, video production, entrepreneurism, photography, pottery, and more.

Domain 5. Independent Living
This domain addresses adaptive skills so participants can handle the routines of daily life. Some of the skills we focus on are shopping, budgeting, chores, grooming, personal hygiene, manners, safety, navigating the community, and expanding the leisure repertoire.

A2A is part of the Ascendigo Life Enrichment group which offers year-round comprehensive life programming for adults on the autism spectrum under the auspices of a staff with extensive experience in autism-specific therapies and teaching modalities.

A2A extends across six weeks in the summer. Participants can be enrolled in the comprehensive Day + Residential Programs or in the Day Program only.

For a comprehensive program description and additional information, please contact Justin Garrard at or 970-927-3143.


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