Why Ascendigo Summer Adventures Camp?

  • Ascendigo Summer Adventures Camp is an exciting and rewarding place to be. Here are just a few of the great reasons that it should be your first pick
    • Experience: We provide an amazing outdoor recreation experience to individuals across the autism spectrum to promote a healthier & more fulfilling life. The skills you walk away with from camp will follow you for the rest of your life personally and professionally.
    • The Great Outdoors: We offer our summer campers four sports to participate in. This means, you too will participate in four unique sports throughout the summer. Our main focuses are Lake sports (wakeboarding and tubing), River sports (white water rafting), Alpine sports (indoor and outdoor rock-climbing), and Ranch sports (horseback riding). Have you only done one of these, or maybe none? Not to fear! Though we love having employees with some experience in these sports, we also provide hands-on training and you’ll walk away at the end of the summer with skills in all four disciplines.
    • Friends: Over the course of summer you’ll meet people from all over the country. Friendships from summer camp have the potential of lasting a lifetime. Our all staff camping trip is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and get to learn about others. We assist in this process with some super fun team-building exercises. Yes, your participation is highly encouraged!
    • Location: Our camp is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado. The Roaring Fork Valley offers stellar outdoor activities and some iconic locations.
    • Make a Difference: Employees at Ascendigo experience a life-changing opportunity not only for themselves but to provide them for every individual that comes to camp. With your help, we collect important data that is changing the world of autism. You’ll be working one on one with individuals so every day will have goals that you will help create and achieve with your camper.
    • Autism: Autism spectrum disorders are extremely varied, and each individual with autism is incredibly unique. Throughout the summer you will work in a 1 to 1 ratio with a new camper every week. The communication and facilitation skills you gain doing so (as well as observing other talented coaches) are invaluable. You will walk away from camp feeling empowered to help, teach and work with anybody.
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