What will Ascendigo do to mitigate wildfire?


The site currently has fire hydrants that will be enhanced. In addition, Ascendigo commits to complying with and exceeding Garfield County Sheriff fire restrictions and following best practice standards as applicable based on conditions. We also recognize the value in collective effort and consistent policies, and therefore we commit to leading a discussion with adjacent homeowner associations (HOAs) to consider additional restrictions. Furthermore, we commit to complying with fire restrictions adopted by all adjacent HOAs.

We are planning multiple precautions for these events. We will have fire sprinklers inside of our primary buildings, a feature that likely does not exist in surrounding structures. We are also planning to design our irrigation system to serve as a fire break between the forested hillside and Missouri Heights (similar to what a rancher did during the Lake Christine Fire), a benefit not likely feasible with the single-family home alternative. We will have a caretaker who lives on property to manage such events, another benefit not likely with the single-family home alternative. We also have on-duty staff who are awake and alert 24 hours a day during summer camp – the peak fire season. We will also strictly enforce a no smoking policy for all areas of the property. We consider these precautions to be extremely pro-active, comprehensive, and not possible with the single-family home alternative.

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