What programs and services does Ascendigo provide?


Ascendigo Autism Services offers three core programs: Adventures, Life Enrichment, and Outreach. Our goal is to integrate people with autism into community life recreationally and socially, whether through adventure sports, basic life skills, compatible employment in local companies, or community engagement. In addition to our programs, Ascendigo educates members of our community about autism, what can be done to make living with autism better and easier, and how important it is for individuals with autism to live a life with dignity, purpose and respect.

Our Programs:
Ascendigo Adventures provides Winter, Summer, and Saturday Adventures Camps. Our Adventures Program offers rewarding, challenging outdoor experiences with positive, autism-specific supports. Participants succeed and have fun! Our team has specialized training to work with all levels of ability, behaviors, and functioning. Innovative sports instructor training curriculum for autism is also available. Camp activities include wake boarding, river rafting, climbing, horseback riding, skiing, snowboarding and much more.

Ascendigo Life Enrichment welcomes adults across the spectrum with individualized services and programs. Our approach focuses on social, vocational, athletic, and daily independent living skills. Clients live and work receiving personalized attention while becoming part of a welcoming, small Rocky Mountain Town culture. Our Life Enrichment Program can be broken down into three sub programs: Adult Comprehensive Experience (ACE), Ascending to Adulthood (A2A), and Community Living Residential Program.

Ascendigo Outreach provides behavioral therapy and school consultations for children living from Aspen to Rifle, Colorado. We provide in-home behavioral therapy and school consultations by BCBA’s, OT’s, BCBA-candidates, and Registered Behavior Technicians. We use naturalistic developmental behavioral interventions, incorporating the Early Start Denver Model, positive behavioral supports, pivotal response training, and applied behavioral analysis.

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