Adult Employment Program

Developed through Ascendigo, our Adult Employment Program is a community-focused blueprint that values quality, innovation, diversity and performance. With employment policies based on empowerment, advocacy, and understanding, our business division offers unique, flexible and diverse work environments. This program’s mission is to provide a wide range of competitive employment and job-training opportunities to maximize strength, skills and interests for persons with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or related conditions who are striving for independence, growth and self-sufficiency. We embrace collaboration, innovative approaches and effective resource management to help participants achieve success and growth throughout the program. Using evidence-based practices, our Adult Employment Program is progressive and comprehensive to ensure growth and success for all involved. The specialized approach helps ensure the participant and the employer will be a successful match. With a client-centered process that builds upon each participant’s unique set of skills and interests, this program can place the participant in a competitive and meaningful employment opportunity.

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